The 3-Day Fast is ON!

I woke up today feeling good, but not hungry. In fact, I really didn’t feel hungry all morning or afternoon. I brought a banana to work (just in case) but didn’t eat it. Around 1:00 I decided it was go time. Now here I am, at the end of the first day of my 3-day fast. Go me!

I expected the first day to be easy. I do this once a week, after all. Except that today I have had no
food at all, which I have done before but only like twice. No yogurt or banana in the morning. No eggs or soup for dinner…well not soup like I usually have. I’m opting for my only “food” for these 3 days to be bone broth. I’ve read all about the healing benefits of bone broth. I’m not going to include any links. You can Google that for yourself and read about it on whichever alternative-healing information website you prefer.

I went to a famous bone broth place here in NYC to get my supply. It’s called Brodo and it’s in the East Village. It was very difficult walking there from the train. It was a really nice night and people were sitting outside at cafes eating their delicious food, the smell finally triggering my first hunger pangs of the day. The guy at the window is super nice. He assured me the broth only has about 50 calories per cup and said it will stay good in the refrigerator for about a week.

Getting it home made me nervous too. I was ridiculously protective over this quart of murky water, afraid it was going to leak or spill and then I would truly have nothing to look forward to at the end of these next 2 long days. It all worked out. I got it home, heated it up, and it was delicious. It makes me feel better about day 2 — which I’m kind of dreading.

By Tuesday afternoon I’ll officially be in unchartered territory. I can already feel my anxieties coming back, wondering: “how am I going to feel? Am I going to get dizzy and pass out?” What if I do all this and I don’t feel better?” I know this: if I can get through work tomorrow then I’m going all the way.

Wish me luck!

4 thoughts on “The 3-Day Fast is ON!

  1. Randi MacDonald says:

    Good luck, I could never do a 3 day fast. I’m diabetic so I might end up in the hospital. I’m still not sure why you’re doing a 3 day fast. You obviously do not need to lose weight.

    • MaraM says:

      Hi Randi, thanks for writing!

      I’m not doing it to lost weight — I actually ate a whole lot over the weekend to put on a few pounds in anticipation of this 3-day fast.
      I’m doing it because of the research that show fasting can help the body heal. I have experienced this myself. Since I started fasting I get far less headaches, migraines, gallbladder problems, and digestion issues. Unfortunately I have been dealing with another issue – gastritis – for about 6 months now and fasting once per week isn’t helping me heal. I am hoping an extreme fast like this will help my body in some way — at the very least giving my stomach a break from eating so it can heal. I don’t know if it will work, but I don’t feel it’s harmful. I’m already 2 days into this fast so I’m hoping to find out very soon!

  2. Randi MacDonald says:

    I had WLS in Nov 2013 and lots of folks follow the 5:2 plan. I still have great restriction( get full fast) so I dont follow that plan, but I thought about it if I ever feel like I need to get greater control.

    • MaraM says:

      Yes, fasting has helped me get full faster. It’s been an adjustment to realize I can’t eat as much as I sued to, or sometimes as much as I want to. My weekly fasting day is like hitting the reset button on my stomach when I overeat on the weekend.

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