Fast Day Recipe: Avocado Toast w/ Egg

IMG_6566Avocado toast, in general, underwhelms me. It’s avocado and bread. NBD (in a completely non-sarcastic way), yet people go crazy for it. I guess I get it. It’s simple and avocados are delicious (if you’re not sick of them already since they’re in everything these days). But avocados are generally something I avoid on fasting days. Despite their nutritional benefits, they’re high in fat and calories. That’s not to say it can’t be done (as I’m about to show you), but I would be sacrificing bulk for taste.

Then I discovered these things: 100-calorie guacamole cups! They have everything I need to make a tasty toast: avocados and seasoning, perfectly portioned for me. I also have a calorie-conscious bread in my arsenal: 40 calories per slice! I discovered it years ago and it has made my fasting life so much easier. I don’t think it’s a low-calorie recipe, the bread is just sliced thinner than typical sliced breads, which have about 70 – 90 calories per slice. So yes, lots more sandwich recipes to come!

IMG_6564         IMG_6563

You can probably guess where I’m going here:


I liberally spread the guacamole on a slice of toasted bread.
Done: a 140-calorie breakfast (or dinner).

I wanted to add some protein too, so I employed my fool-proof soft-boiled egg technique (drop an egg in a 1/2 inch of boiling water, cover, and time it for 7 minutes).
Now it’s a 230-calorie meal. Perfect.

I also added a sprinkle of paprika for a little merriment.


It’s still pretentious avocado toast with egg, but it costs less than the $12 a fancy restaurant will charge, fits into a fasting day, and won’t leave me with a leftover half of avocado that I have to wrap and store and pray won’t go bad by tomorrow.

I did have leftover guacamole in my pre-portioned cup, but that’s what fingers are for.


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