Fasting Day Pleasures

Fasting can be depressing, especially when your co-workers bring in delicious-smelling food for lunch or if your friends decided to go out for happy hour at the last minute. I’ve found a bunch of things to do to keep myself in good spirits. I try not to do things that “fill the void” like shopping and (unfortunately) there’s no amount of boredom that will make me want to clean my house, so here are the things that make me happy when I can’t have food.

Drinking some fancy tea
Tea is one of the few things I can have an unlimited amount of on a fasting day because it has no calories. I try not to go crazy because it does have caffeine and it stains my teeth, but I got fancy tea from London a few years ago — Harrod’s Earl Grey blend. I wanted it to last, so I drank it sparingly and it turned into my mid-fasting day treat. My supermarket has Twinnings Earl Grey, so I usually have that, but there are lots of cool flavors of tea out there to try when I get bored of this.

IMG_6728Using up my “products”
I’ll bet there are tons of fun things in your bathroom cabinets and drawers that you used once and then never bothered with again: facial masks, bubble bath, oily hair treatments. I sometimes use them to turn a fasting day into a spa day! Much cheaper than the actual spa, too.

Getting a mani/pedi
I’m terrible at doing my nails. I leave them to the professionals and since I have more time on a fasting day I’d much rather go to a nail salon after work than on a weekend when it’s crowded. I’ll usually have a simple microwavable dinner afterward so I won’t ruin my nails.

Going easy at the gym
I do still work out on fasting days when I’m able to, but I definitely don’t work as hard as the days I eat. I still feel good for working out, but I don’t overwork myself. If I don’t make it to the gym then, weather permitting, I take a long walk.

Going to bed early (or sleeping in)
I usually won’t let myself go to bed before 11pm no matter how tired I am. I always feel like there’s one more task I could do, one more article to read, or one more blog post to write, but when I’m fasting I make the exception to end the day (and my hunger) as soon as I want. On the days when I’m working late, I shorten my fasting day by sleeping in.

Binge watch TV
I’m not one of those people who likes to snack in front of the TV and that’s why this works for me. I’m good with a cup of tea or glass of water. I prefer to do something more active on a fasting day, but when I just don’t have the energy or I’m not in the mood, I allow myself to binge watch some things.

What are some fun things you do to keep your mind off of food on a fasting day? Please share in the comments!

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