I’m alive

Here I am dancing at the Walk to Cure Arthritis, all relieved that my site is secure!

I realize I left you all hanging after my 3-day fast even though I promised an update on how I’m feeling. Sorry about that. Let me explain…

As a new blogger, things were brought to my attention that I naively was unaware of: site security, data back-ups, and the prospect of hackers gaining access to my site and holding it hostage for money. I have to laugh at someone thinking this site is worth the effort of hacking into with its 40 weekly views and 15 subscribers. I mean, you’re all worth something to me <3, but I would much rather start over from scratch than negotiate with terrorists.

That said, I took me a while to figure out how to install all of that stuff and get it working. I think I’m safe (or at least backed up) for now and I feel comfortable writing again without worrying my work is going to get hijacked.

So….how am I doing? Well, fine, I guess.

I was feeling good coming off the 3-day fast. I didn’t really have an appetite in the days following, which was to be expected. I started eating solid foods again shortly after, but soft stuff: scrambled eggs, smoothies, protein shakes.


My first chewable food! I even ate a salad, you guys!

On Saturday, I had my first real meal again: a BLT with avocado, egg, and a side salad. I expected it to hit the bottom of my stomach like a brick and just sit there, weighing me down. It didn’t. It felt good to eat again. Later that night I had some Chinese noodles for dinner. That went down fine too. I felt pretty damn good.

I woke up Sunday with no pain and thinking I beat my gastritis. Then, brunch happened and I went a little overboard. In my defense, I was at Colicchio & Sons. As in TOM Colicchio of Top Chef! Let’s just say a duck pizza, a brisket sandwich, pork belly with polenta, chocolate soufflé, and wine were ALL involved.


I’m still in pain from this pizza, but it was oh, so delicious 😛

I was full for the rest of the day and didn’t eat anything else, so I started my weekly fast right after brunch (around 2pm). Still feeling good. I broke my fast Monday at 2 with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I was starving!

As of Monday evening the pain has returned, though. It looks like it’s going to take a lot more than fasting to heal me of this problem…but what? That is the question. The doctor said eat a “soft diet”. For how long? She doesn’t know. Well, that’s not going to work for me. I’m going to dinner at another chef-lebrity’s restaurant tomorrow night and I have a busy weekend ahead of me. So this pain will probably be with me for a while again.

So the scoreboard reads: Gastritis – 1, Mara’s 3-day fast plan – 0.

But I don’t consider it a total failure. Now I know what doesn’t work or that the plan needs tweaking.

I will get to the bottom of this and hopefully soon.

3 thoughts on “I’m alive

  1. Joy says:


    My heart goes out to your digestive distress and I’ve previously experienced the same. My success to feeling my best is a flourless plant-focused diet, mostly veggies and wide variety of greens, oranges, purples, and yellows. It is mostly free of added fats or oils, concentrated sweeteners, and salt too. It does include whole fruit (very rarely unsweetened dried fruit without salt, oil, or sulfites) , soaked raw nuts and seeds, and the occasional wild tiny Oregon bay shrimp or Pacific sardines or the rare minimal amouny of wild or free range poultry too, farmer direct preferred, in my case. Of course, whole soaked unground grains and beans are part of my lifestyle, as is fermented foods like miso and kimchi, and the occasional organic tofu, locally made usually, and fermented organuc tempeh that I am just starting to use.

    I understand from your post that it seems there was little transition time for recovery right after your fast. If you aren’t already doing it, I suggest breaking the fast with a day of vegetable juices, including green juices and carrot juices. Then, the following day, add in homemade or low sodium organic vegetable broth with a meal including steamed vegetables and a separate meal of one whole piece of fruit, preferably in the morning and by itself, 30 minutes apart from any other meal due to its sugar content affecting digestion. The 3rd day, try homemade smoothies without added sugar or oils, and creamy homemade vegetable soups without dairy. Then, following days, you can have meals with wholw grainsand beans, nuts, and seeds, if you like, and possibly some fish therafter or chicken.

    Based on what it seems you eat, I suggest considering a change in lifestyle with regard to your dietary choices in order to have lasting relief. A 3-4 day water fast is one posdibilitywin cleansing and healing, but you also need a way to maintain your ur body’s healing efforts you are giving it time off to do. 🙂

    With kindest wishes,


  2. Joy says:

    PS While you may not be ready for a dietary lifestyle to my level, avoiding dairy, flours, and added fats/oils, sweeteners, or salt will likely help, although everyone has different needs with what works for them, of course.

    My best to you!

    • MaraM says:

      Thanks for your advice and well wishes, Joy!
      I’ve been feeling much better since my 3-day fast. I don’t have as much pain as I did before and I do feel like it’s getting better every day. My biggest problem is my impatience. I want a quick fix for everything and I want to know the cause of my problems right away. My mind is my worst enemy. As I look back on my post about how I didn’t feel better immediately after my fast, I feel very silly. Although, I can’t say it was definitely the 3-day fast that is causing me to feel better, I think that had a lot to do with it.
      As far as other lifestyle changes and giving up the foods I love to eat and the food I have yet to try, I’m not ready to do that yet. I know life might be simpler and healthier if I committed to a completely plant-based diet with little animal protein, but I’m enjoying myself too much to go that route even with the inconvenience and pain I have experienced.
      Be well and thanks for reading!

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