Krispy Kreme on a fasting day? Yes you can!!

BREAKING NEWS, you guys!!

A Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Doughnut only has 190 calories!!
Maybe you knew this, but if you didn’t: You’re Welcome!

Here’s something else you’re welcome to: You can get a FREE Krispy Kreme original glazed doughnut FREE on April 1st! THIS IS NOT A JOKE!!! 

A glazed doughnut and a cup of coffee (w/ a splash of milk for another 10 calories) is the ultimate naughty 200-calorie breakfast on a fasting day. It’s obviously not something I would do every time I fast, but how often do places just give away free doughnuts? And with all the idiots playing April Fool’s Day jokes, this is a well-deserved treat for having to put up with humanity.

I know this video says the doughnut alone has 200 calories, but it was posted 4 years ago and I guess in that time they’ve figure out how to shave 10 calories off of it. Yay for us!

Take it Easy Tuesday

Let’s talk about Tuesdays.


**This meal was not consumed on a Tuesday.

I know I’m abnormally excited about Tuesdays. I have thus far spoken of seeing a rainbow outside my window every Tuesday morning and comparing the feeling I get to waking up on Christmas Day. They’re just normal Tuesdays to everyone else, but they’re milestones for me because I have already fought what is usually my biggest battle of the week: Monday fasting.

If Monday is the best day to fast, Tuesday is the worst day to go to a buffet.

Fasting, even for a day, does change my body — specifically the size of my stomach.

I have tried to take out my “hanger” on burgers and pasta the day after a fast and came to realize it was not smart. It only turned me from hangry into angry because eating all I wanted made me feel stuffed and sick — feelings that are totally acceptable on Thanksgiving and select other occasions, but not on an average Tuesday.

Here are some things I do on Tuesdays to check myself before i wreck myself:

*Wait until I’m hungry to start eating.
I let my stomach tell me when it’s ready for food.

*Start off by eating something light.
Fruit, oatmeal, or scrambled eggs. This is not the time for bacon, pancakes, or bagels.

*Eat slowly.
It takes me a little while to tell when I’m full. If I eat slowly then my brain gets the message that I’ve had enough before I go too far.

*Avoid the “spite” junk food.
Sometimes I really want to grab a doughnut on the way to work or buy a bag of chips or a cupcake to have with lunch because “I earned it, dammit.” That’s still the residual hanger talking. If I wake up on Wednesday and still really want those things, then I go for it.

But remember, this post isn’t just about Tuesdays. It really should be called “Take it easy [insert day after whatever day I choose to fast].” Not really catchy.

That’s not to say I haven’t had a burger or a pancake breakfast the day after a fast. I have. And I have paid the price, which is obviously not too high since I have paid it more than once. I’m just more selective and conscious of when I choose to go hog wild.

On Tuesdays, I ease back into eating and the rest of the week is so much fun.

Fast Day Menu

Finally, what you’ve been coming here for…the food.

On those days when calories are scarce and I’m afraid I’ll forget what food actually tastes like, how do I remind myself? Here’s a menu I do a lot because it has very simple ingredients that any basic person, like myself, would have in their kitchen anyway.

Breakfast: An egg on toast.
Wait…that sounds like what normal people have for breakfast. Amazing, right?
When I’m able to cook at home, this is a great way to start the day: carbs, protein, and coffee too! I even forget for a moment that I’m fasting…but then I snap out of it so I don’t have to start over again tomorrow. That would suck.


Here’s what I use:
1 Egg: 90 cal.
1 Slice Toast: 70 cal.
Non-stick cooking spray: 0 cal.
Coffee: 0 cal.
1 Tbsp. 2% Milk: 10 cal.  

Breakfast Total: 170 cal.

Occasionally, I scramble the egg, but love a runny yolk. Since I use no fat to cook the egg, over-easy is the best way to go because I just coat the bottom of the pan with non-stick spray, cover the egg, and let it steam cook. Non-stick spray is one of my ‘fast cooking’ staples. I NEVER use it on non-fast days. Extra virgin olive oil is my jam. It’s a small sacrifice I make to save a significant amount of calories and I just keep in mind: I can have my EVOO tomorrow!


IMG_0499Dinner: Shrimp Stir-Fry

This is a great 5-ingredient dish. I happened to have frozen shrimp on hand and had just bought a bag of mixed vegetables at the grocery store earlier in the week. I could have used EVOO, but I chose safflower because it’s neutral-flavored. Here’s the ingredient breakdown:

1/2 tsp. Safflower Oil: 20 cal.
1 Clove Garlic: 1 cal.
Mixed Vegetables: 60 cal. (In this case, a bag of broccoli, carrots, & snow peas)
150g Frozen Shrimp: 103 cal.
1 Tbsp. Soy Sauce: 10 cal.
Dinner Total: 194


I heated the oil and sautéed the garlic for a minute. Then, I threw in the vegetables and tossed them around for 5 minutes. Next, I added the frozen shrimp and soy sauce and cooked until the shrimp were done.

IMG_0504The next time I make this, I will defrost the shrimp first. It took about 10 minutes for them to thaw out and cook in the pan. Because of that the vegetables were in the pan too long and got too soft for my liking.


At this point, I had consumed under 400 calories and with some blueberries in the fridge, I had something sweet to end the day.

150g Blueberries: 90 cal.




Total for the day: 454 cal. 


If I were a dude, I’d be allowed 100 more calories. I could have doubled up on the shrimp at dinner or had an extra egg at breakfast.

I think I’ve shown it’s not difficult to eat well while fasting with simple ingredients, a little time, and mediocre cooking skills. The hardest part of creating this menu was doing the math, but it gets easier. So does skipping lunch.