Jimmy Kimmel does The FastDiet!

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Anyway, I wanted to share this article I read earlier in the year from Men’s Journal about Jimmy Kimmel’s experiences on the FastDiet (he calls it the 5:2 Diet and/or Occasional Starvation — whatever, it’s all the same).

Click here to read “The Weird Way Jimmy Kimmel Lost the Weight” from Men’s Journal January 2015

My thoughts on this article:

#1 – Who are you calling “weird”, Men’s Journal?!?!!

#2 – What do you mean “You may NOT want to try this at home”? It worked!

#3 – Jimmy Kimmel has the means to hire the best trainers/personal chefs/nutritionists or any other help he needs to lose weight, yet he chooses to fast. He’s made it clear he doesn’t care about exercise and chooses to do this because of the convenience, ease, and results he’s gotten.

Let me know what you think of the article. And if you bought The FastDiet book, let me know what you think about that too.