Employees that fast together…

I interrupt my blogging rebellion to bring you this awesome news: there is a company — a whole company — that collectively fasts on Tuesdays! Unlike those gluttons at Google getting an endless supply of free gourmet catered food and snacks all hours of the day and night, this company — Nootrobox — has a fasting day once per week. It’s certainly a new take on “team building”. Another cool aspect is that they all break their fast together with breakfast on Wednesday. Wouldn’t we all love a work environment this supportive of our fasting days?!

A couple things to keep in mind before you go and get pissed at your uncooperative coworkers:

1 — It’s a biohacking company so the employees were already into unconventional health/science-y stuff.

2 — It’s really easy to get the whole company to fast when the whole company is made up of 4 people.

3 — We’re going to be seeing a lot more companies like this popping up because biohacking is apparently a movement in Silicon Valley. I can’t wait. 🙂


NY Post Article on Fasting

The NY Post wrote an article about fasting diets!!!
Regardless of what you think about the Post, people read it so I think this is good news and the story was well done and informative.

CLICK HERE TO READ: Forget calorie counting — this it the real secret to weight loss

It even talks about another book on the subject, which I’ll probably order and read this week.
Let me know what you think about it!

<3 Mara

Reader Question: Do I have to read??

My very first reader question has been posed to me from (who I’m sure is) my one and only reader thus far. So I’m happy to answer it…and I quote:

“Is it necessary to read the book?
I ask bc I have zero time to read.”
~Treasured Reader

Well, reader, “necessary” is a strong word in general. I mean, do I NEED wine to get through the IMG_6341work week? Do you NEED sneakers to run a marathon?

The answer is: No, but those things sure do help.

You don’t NEED to read the book, but I believe it will set you up for success.

I say that because of my own personal story: I only wanted to lose about 20 pounds, which really isn’t a lot. That weight could have easily come off if I had taken up a raw-vegan diet and started running. I do know people who live like that and my general attitude about that lifestyle is:


Carrying around an unwanted 20 pounds seemed like a small price to pay to keep doing the things I loved (frequently enjoying great food & wine…with dessert) and not have to do things that I didn’t want to do (I will not run. Not even if I’m being chased).

You might be thinking “there are other ways to drop 20 pounds.” You’re right, but I didn’t like those options either.  As long as that extra weight wasn’t an immediate threat to my health, giving up my main sources of enjoyment in life to lose it seemed almost superficial.

I needed more incentive. “Looking good” was never incentive enough. You know those people who say “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”? I’m not one of them. Pizza tastes pretty damn good where I come from.

When I read The Fast Diet, I got my incentive: to take control of my future health.

When you read the book you’ll learn the fascinating science about how fasting can help heal the body, slow down the aging process, possibly prevent diseases like Alzheimer’s — we’re talking about living a longer, healthier life and not having to give up carbs or booze. Jackpot! All of those benefits, plus the ability to lose weight and eat what I want was my incentive to really commit to intermittent fasting.

I am not going to be able to explain how and why these benefits are possible as well as Dr. Mosley does in the book. If you carve our an hour a day, it should take you about a week to finish it. There’s even an audio book to “read” on the go!

Even though I’ve been fasting for years now, there are some weeks where I might want to make an excuse and skip my fasting day, but as they say in the book: what ever food you’re missing today, you can have tomorrow.

And with intermittent fasting, there’s the potential to have a lot more tomorrows.