The FastDiet Inventor on Dr. Oz!

Hey, y’all!

If you missed The Dr. Oz Show episode about fasting recently, he interviewed Dr. Michael Mosley, one of the authors of The FastDiet (aka, the book that changed my life). Check it out if you have some time. He talks about why he started it, how he cured his type 2 diabetes, and responds to the critics who say there isn’t enough evidence to show intermittent fasting is effective or safe.

Link to the episode is in the tweet. Let me know what you think!




Watch: What happens when you stop eating

Hey y’all! I’m trying to make up for my lazy week.

I found this video a while ago that shows what happens to your body when you stop eating, from the first few hours all the way until death by starvation. Cool, right? (Obvi not, relax).

I have never fasted for more than 36 hours, but I have been contemplating a 3-day fast. The video is pretty good, in my opinion, and is calming the fears I have about fasting for that long. I’m seriously thinking about doing it soon. More on why I’m considering an extensive fast in a future post, but for now: Enjoy the show!